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Five Star Shows


Review: Lau-Land at Leith Theatre

The Light on the Shore strand of the Edinburgh International Festival has seen some intriguing line-ups so far this mont...

Unmissable Theatre


Review: Queens of Sheba at Underbelly Cowgate

Depicting the everyday mundanity of casually racist clichés, Queens of Sheba details the experience of four black women as they rally towards a night out, befor...

Edinburgh: A City of Laughter


Review: Heidi Regan: Heidi vs Sharks at Pleasance Courtyard

Every Fringe there's probably about 300 improv Shakespeare shows ‘with a modern twist’ on the go. With so many shows on offer, it's hard to be original, but I’ll stick my neck out and say that I’m almost cert...

Review: The Not So Late Show at Dropkick Murphy’s

Oh dear. As a reviewer, I've hit on one principle that I think seems pretty reasonable: only review what you see in front of you. With that in mind, what follows is probably not representative of most nights f...

Review: Alice Fraser: Ethos at Underbelly Bristo Square

Alice Fraser knows her show is a poorly structured hot mess, she references it constantly, but she really doesn't care. An ex-commercial lawyer, Fraser does comedy for the love of it, but her onstage performa...

For Children


Reviews: Chores at Assembly George Square Gardens

Every child will relate to the struggle to stay focused after their mum asks them to clean up their room. In Chores, Cluster Arts circus company take inspiration from this childhood woe, playing two brothers who, incentivised by an opportunity to try out the...

Review: The Bear at Pleasance Courtyard

In Pins and Needles Productions' adaptation of Raymond Briggs’ The Bear, children and adults alike are left in a captivated daze. Even among the garish colours and frenetic energy of children’s theatre, Briggs’ soft-around-the-edges, dreamlike quality remain...

Review: Duckie at Summerhall

We would all do well to heed – irrespective of age – the message at the heart of Le Gateau Chocolat’s triumphant children’s show Duckie. A shimmering reinterpretation of The Ugly Duckling, this production combines music and narrative to stress the importance...

Review: Dick and Dom- Dick v Dom at Underbelly, McEwan Hall

As two of the biggest names at this year’s festival, Dick and Dom have upscaled from the comfort of their bungalow to the massive McEwan Hall to bring their high tempo show to the Fringe for the first time. Though primarily this is a kids show, kids aren't the...

Review: Bread and Geller: Prime Time at Just the Tonic

A gentle return to a cosier era of sketch comedy, the duo of Bread and Geller have charm to spare. Although this is their first Fringe show, the audience could be forgiven for thinking they were old hands. Familiar stereotypes such as Linda, the overenthusia...

Review: David Baddiel’s Animalcolm at Gilded Balloon Teviot

With David Baddiel’s background in comedy, it’s no wonder his children’s book Animalcolm transitioned so successfully to Fringe. He is currently working on his fifth children’s book and his first screenplay for Fox, making now the perfect time to acquaint your...
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