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Robert Bathurst on The Song of Lunch

Cold Feet’s Robert Bathurst is out to lunch in a hilarious new play by poet Christopher Reid. It’s a rare morning off for Robert Bathurst – rare because the in...

Edinburgh: A City of Laughter


Review: The Moa Show at Gilded Balloon Teviot

Written and performed by award winning actor and writer Jamie McCaskill, The Moa Show is a full hour of crazy. Nothing can prepare you for what you are about to experience – not even this review. McCaskill bre...

Review: William Andrews: Willy at Pleasance Courtyard

After nine years of not performing, William Andrews returns to stage with ‘Willy’- the title referring to his confusion of what to call his son’s genitals. The show does not seem to have a theme, with Andrew'...

Review: Phill Jupitus: Sassy Knack at The Stand

In a Fringe full of comedy shows featuring oddball sketches and ‘off the wall’ abstract skits, Phill Jupitus takes the traditional path of storytelling, a refreshing act of classic stand-up that often feels glo...

For Children


Review: Circa: Wolfgang at Underbelly’s Circus Hub

If we are to believe his characterisation in the film Amadeus, Mozart, the energetically boyish musical prodigy, is an excellent candidate for a circus routine: cheeky, and with a fabulous soundtrack to boot. Thus led to the creation of Circa’s family-friend...

Reviews: Chores at Assembly George Square Gardens

Every child will relate to the struggle to stay focused after their mum asks them to clean up their room. In Chores, Cluster Arts circus company take inspiration from this childhood woe, playing two brothers who, incentivised by an opportunity to try out the...

Review: David Baddiel’s Animalcolm at Gilded Balloon Teviot

With David Baddiel’s background in comedy, it’s no wonder his children’s book Animalcolm transitioned so successfully to Fringe. He is currently working on his fifth children’s book and his first screenplay for Fox, making now the perfect time to acquaint your...

Review: Duckie at Summerhall

We would all do well to heed – irrespective of age – the message at the heart of Le Gateau Chocolat’s triumphant children’s show Duckie. A shimmering reinterpretation of The Ugly Duckling, this production combines music and narrative to stress the importance...

Review: Bread and Geller: Prime Time at Just the Tonic

A gentle return to a cosier era of sketch comedy, the duo of Bread and Geller have charm to spare. Although this is their first Fringe show, the audience could be forgiven for thinking they were old hands. Familiar stereotypes such as Linda, the overenthusia...

Dick and Dom “Everyone’s a bit of a big kid at heart”

An interactive, family show set in a boxing ring, Dick V Dom is the Fringe debut for quadruple BAFTA winners Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood AKA Dick and Dom.  Working together for more than twenty years, Dick and Dom’s anarchic silliness – especially on the...
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