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August 29th, 2015 | by lidia

From his makeshift Edinburgh lab, wannabe alchemist Will Seaward takes his audience on a hilarious journey to transform base metal into gold.

This, the most mystical of ancient sciences, has stumped some of history’s greatest thinkers for centuries. Yet hurrah for Will, who risks personal meltdown to convince us a union of Scottish junk food with Buckfast wine and a few jolly good swirls in a test-tube can produce the elusive philosopher’s stone.

Whether or not Will succeeds you’ll have to see for yourself. But, rest assured, his absurd attempt at the alchemical process is laugh out loud stuff.

Bombastic, bawdy and a bit like the bastard bairn of Brian Blessed. The undoubted elixir of the show is Will. He’s an ever-burning furnace of plummy wit and what is surely “the voice” of the Festival.

His chemistry skills may be putrid, but Will Seaward makes pure comedy gold.

Words: Mark Johnstone

Alchemy, Gilded Balloon Teviot 29-31 August, 1.45pm