Spencer Jones at Pleasance

Review: Spencer Jones – The Things We Leave Behind

Spencer Jones is the stuff of Marie Kondo's nightmares. The Dave’s Edinburgh Comedy Award- and double-BAFTA-nominated professional nutjob appears to be a stranger to the art of decluttering. Instead of throwin...
Ed Byrne at Assembly Rooms

Review: Ed Byrne – If I’m Honest at Assembly Rooms

Irish raconteur and TV regular Ed Byrne bounds onto the stage to thunderous applause in this packed, upmarket venue. The tousled quiff and red lamé jacket make him look unsettlingly like the charismatic lead s...
Susie McCabe at Assembly

Review: Susie McCabe – Domestic Disaster at Assembly

The last time I saw someone this cutting in a shipping container I was watching an episode of Dexter. Five minutes in and Glaswegian stand-up, Susie McCabe has already referenced her snug Fringe venue several ...
Suzi Ruffell at Pleasance Courtyard

Review: Suzi Ruffell: Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

If they handed out awards for the most inventive use of a mic stand, then Suzi Ruffell would be a clear winner. The Portsmouth comic's re-enactment of a recent trip to the local medical centre is uncomplicated...
Zoe Coombs Marr at Monkey Barrel

Review: Zoë Coombs Marr – Bossy Bottom at Monkey Barrel

The callback, the double punch-line, the plant – there's usually at least one element of a comedy set that you're aware you must keep secret in your write-up. By that token, Zoë Coombs Marr's new show, Bossy B...
Jonny Pelham at Just the Tonic

Review: Jonny Pelham – Off Limits at Just the Tonic

When a sudden and spectacular waterfall plummeting from the venue's ceiling isn't the biggest shock of the evening, then you know you've seen an incredibly special show. It starts routinely enough with an ...
Ahir Shah at Monkey Barrel

Review: Ahir Shah – Dots at Monkey Barrel

Ahir Shah appears to defy the 'nobody loves a smartass' sentiment – his brand-new Monkey Barrel venue is jam-packed with fans. This man is super-smart and boy, does he know it, so smart that he can lob the wor...