Basil Brush at Underbelly

Review: Basil Brush – Unleashed at Underbelly

The voice is different. The laugh is different. But then we've all changed a bit in fifty years. This hour in the company of Basil and his new Mr – Mr Martin – is sweet and funny and just naughty enough to giv...
Rhod Gilbert at Pleasance

Review: Rhod Gilbert – The Book of John at Pleasance

From two thirds of the way up the auditorium in the EICC I could have been watching any rumpled, skinny bloke running around to a Rhod Gilbert voiceover. I loathe watching comedy in a venue like this, especial...
Ciaran Dowd at Pleasance

Review: Ciarán Dowd – Padre Rodolfo at Pleasance

He won Best Newcomer at the 2018 Edinburgh Comedy Awards and so, on the basis that there is no such thing as too much of a good thing, Dowd has brought back his alter (and now altar) ego, Rodolfo. He is a padr...
Josie Long at The Stand

Review: Josie Long – Tender at The Stand

There is so much love in the room for Josie Long that the experience is not so much like being at a gig. It's more like being in a room with a long lost favourite daughter (it has been a while since she's been...
David O'Doherty at Assembly

Review: David O’Doherty – Ultrasound at Assembly

The warm glow of happiness you get from an hour with David O'Doherty is just what’s needed in the rain of a stormy Edinburgh. The youthful whimsy has matured, but O'Doherty is still reassuringly rumpled and hi...
Seann Walsh at Pleasance Dome

Review: Seann Walsh at Pleasance Dome

Whatever you think about Seann Walsh, or tabloid media storms, or the advisability of taking a very public, personal trainwreck (out of which he didn’t escape professionally undamaged) and making it into his E...
Frank Skinner Live at Assembly George Square

Review: Frank Skinner Live at Assembly George Square

All across Edinburgh this month you can see comedians howling their political passions across the lights. Hurling new and crazy ideas at the comedy wall and praying something sticks. Opening a vein and bleedin...