Stephen Fry in Mythos at Festival Theatre

Review: Stephen Fry – Mythos at the Festival Theatre

Perched on his winged armchair like a kindly Jackanory presenter, Stephen Fry asks: “when did it all start?” What he means, is when did we start telling stories? Always, of course, around the campfire, but onl...

Review: Oedipus at King’s Theatre

“I am me. I am me,” declares Oedipus. But the truth is that Oedipus—a compelling Hans Kesting—doesn’t know who he is in Robert Icke’s startlingly contemporary and razor-sharp version of Sophocles. It’s as if I...
Roots at Church Hill Theatre

Review: Roots at Church Hill Theatre

A cat eats his mistress’ bowl of porridge, then the bowl and then the mistress. Then he moves on to the postman, the postman’s sack of Christmas letters and a school full of children. Where will the cat’s gros...
Spliced at Traverse

Review: Spliced at Traverse

There are 2,300 Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) clubs in Ireland. There are 265 in Cork alone. In Spliced, when Timmy Creed sings out all their names it is like an incantation, a powerful spell. For many yea...
The Nights by Henry Naylor at Gilded Balloon

Review: The Nights by Henry Naylor at Gilded Balloon

There is more than a touch of a ghost story about the latest from Henry Naylor, the writer whose meaty, issue-led plays have won him a firm Fringe following. More than a touch of poetry too. A two hander, it s...
Enough at Traverse

Review: Enough at the Traverse

There was a time when a young woman could have no greater ambition than to be a flight attendant. It was her chance to fly high – though not, of course, to actually fly the plane. Opportunities have opened up ...
The Crucible at King's Theatre

Review: The Crucible at Edinburgh Playhouse

It shouldn’t work, but it does. Magnificently. Scottish Ballet’s re-imagining of Arthur Miller’s 1953 play, The Crucible, finds the feeling and emotional impulses beneath the words of Miller’s script, as the c...
Madame Ovary at Pleasance Dome

Review: Madame Ovary at Pleasance Dome

In early 2018 Rosa Hesmondhalgh, niece of former Coronation Street actress Julie Hesmondhalgh, was 23. Her new year’s resolutions were to take better care of her body and of her career. This was, she vowed, “m...