Purposeless Movements at Festival Theatre

Review: Purposeless Movements at the Festival Theatre

"Purposeless movements" is a medical phrase used to describe the impaired motor skills of a child with cerebral palsy. It's characteristic of writer and director Robert Softley Gale, who has the condition hims...
The Professor at Assembly Rooms

Review: The Professor at the Assembly Rooms

Something’s gone awry with today’s lecture. We’ve turned up at the right room and it's the same lecturer we’ve had all year. He even tells us how much he’s loved teaching us. But every time he launches into th...
Baby Reindeer at Summerhall

Review: Baby Reindeer at Summerhall

Men are supposed to be invulnerable. When threatened, they're expected to deal with the source of the problem and shut it down. Things are not meant to get under their skin. Big boys don't cry. That's one o...
Bobby & Amy at Pleasance

Review: Bobby & Amy at Pleasance Courtyard

When Emily Jenkins picked up her Fringe First award for this invigorating two-hander, she talked about the theatres that had turned the play down on the basis that, beautiful writing aside, the subject matter ...
LipSync at Summerhall

Review: LipSync at Summerhall

"My name is Kirsty and I am seriously unwell," says the star of this autobiographical show – except there is not one person talking but two. They stand like mirror images, a hygienic two meters apart, similar ...
Subject Mater at Paradise in the Vault

Review: Subject Mater at Paradise in the Vault

This feels like a discovery. Performed on the tiniest of stages in front of three rows of seats, Nadia Cavelle’s three-hander is an exquisite example of what an inventive Fringe company can do with minimal res...
David Edgar at Traverse

Review: Trying It On at Traverse

"You know what they say about the Traverse, but it's not all true," says David Edgar after taking a straw poll and finding several Conservative voters in the audience. If coming to the Traverse as a Tory sound...
Until the Flood at Traverse

Review: Until the Flood at Traverse

This is one of those shows where you expect a whole company to appear at the curtain call, and yet only one actor takes her bow. That actor is Dael Orlandersmith who, as writer and performer, quietly captures ...
Sh!t Theatre at Summerhall

Review: Sh!t Theatre Drink Rum with Expats at Summerhall

So much of the fun of watching Louise Mothersole and Rebecca Biscuit, aka Sh!t Theatre, has been in their sense of wayward, devil-may-care abandon. Like theatrical punks, they have gloried in the rough edges o...