Rite of Spring at Festival Theatre

Review: Rite of Spring at the Festival Theatre

Since The Rite of Spring – created by Stravinsky and Nijinsky – scandalised Paris in 1913, there have been over 200 dance-works that, in one way or another, involve a sacrificial Chosen One. The origins of St...
Hard to Be Soft at Lyceum

Review: Hard to Be Soft – A Belfast Prayer at the Lyceum

A smoky spiral of incense rises from the front of the stage along with the choral harmonies of Allegri’s 'Miserere mei, Deus'. Men’s voices cut in over the music: harsh with aggression, revved up for the possi...
The Sensemaker at Zoo Playground

Review: The Sensemaker at Zoo Playground

“Hello, all of our operators are currently busy, please wait” And as a jangly version of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy puts the caller on hold, that’s what Elsa Couvreur does. She passes the intervening time by lip-s...
Heroes at Udderbelly

Review: Heroes at Udderbelly

Aerial work and dance moves come together in a family show that takes a playful-but-wannabe-serious look at heroic fantasies - and the realities of being brave, and overcoming your fears. Beverley Grant (A...
Staged at ZOO Southside

Review: Staged at ZOO Southside

There are some very unexpected balancing acts in this show by Circumference – and not all of them happen on the wonderfully wayward slatted platform that’s suspended above the stage. When the three perform...
Backbone at Underbelly

Review: Backbone at Underbelly Bristo Square

You could say that Gravity & Other Myths (GOM) is a very down-to-earth outfit … only these Adelaide circus stars spend most of Backbone’s fast and furious 70 minutes either hurtling through the air, b...
In Plain Site at Jupiter Artland

Review: Trisha Brown – In Plain Site at Jupiter Artland

Even though American choreographer Trisha Brown made visionary work for the proscenium stage, she had – from her earliest creative days in the 1960’s – relished setting danceworks in unconventional, even ...
Before at Dance Base

Review: Before at Dance Base

Yer man, Pat Kinevane is at it again! Making you split your sides at droll, dry humour that’s full of nippy observational details – and then bringing a sudden lump to your throat with the revelation of a ...
Little Top at Pleasance at EICC

Review: Little Top at Pleasance at EICC

Circus for babies? As far as Ellie Dubois is concerned, you’re never too young to enjoy the whirligig fun of bravura juggling, or the sight of grown-ups tumbling head over heels in acrobatic partnerships....