Funniest Joke 2019

Words Anna Rieser

Tell us about your new show?

I’m very much going back to basics with this one. I’m trying to do the type of show that I’d personally enjoy seeing, rather than what I think people want to see. I’ve spent the last two years putting together shows that were tightly wound around one theme and I’ve really enjoyed doing that, but this year I want to talk about a variety of subjects that I have a strong, and arguably unpopular, opinion on and see if I can get my audiences round to my way of thinking whilst making them laugh. This show feels a lot more like “me” than anything else I’ve done in the past… even if typing out that horrendous cliche has just made me sick in my mouth.

Funniest story of the fringe?

When I first came to the Edinburgh Fringe; I was very young, I was single and I drank like an alcoholic on their birthday. I left my room hunt very late and as a result ended up living with a live-in landlord, who was a 56 year old finance guy called Justin. He was very uptight and strict. On the first night, I got very drunk, took three hours to do a 15 minute walk back to the flat, then blacked out the second I got to the door. The next day I wake up, to a very angry landlord. I’d apparently woken him up, because I couldn’t get my key to open the door and I was just stood in the hallway with my pants round my ankles singing You’ll Never Walk Alone. He let me in and then went to bed. I’d gone into the fridge and took a bite out of a block of parmesan cheese, then popped it straight back on the shelf. The funniest part about all of this was when he was ranting in my face about how much of a pain I’d been, he got himself in a huge huff, then screamed the thing he seemed most annoyed about which was “FOR GOD’S SAKE!!! PARMESAN’S FOR GRATING!!!”

What have you learnt from your Edinburgh experiences?

Edinburgh is made out of hills. Piemaker is overrated. Kebab shops that don’t do chips are terrible. Tempting Tattie is a hidden gem. Seriously, how is everything uphill? Tenants beer isn’t that bad once you’ve had six of them. Haggis is weird. It’s not horrible, it’s just weird. The Royal Mile is like an anxiety dream come to life. Literally, I’ve never seen so many hills in my life. Work hard, be polite and you can make a success of the Fringe.

Where and when:

Adam Rowe: Pinnacle, Just The Tonic at The Caves, 19:30 1-25th August

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