Words Anna Rieser

Tell us about your new show.

Every show we have special guests from the festival and improvise a short monologue, which serves as the inspiration for scenes that our cast makes up. It’s very different every night.

What’s the best improv situation you’ve

ended up in?
Any time I snog one of my friends in the show as part of a scene. They’re all incredibly hot and I’ve nearly made my way through all of them. We’re all very good friends and have agreed to have each other’s babies!

What are you looking forward to at the festival?
Each member of Snort are also performing amazing solo shows, so I’m looking forward to Alice Snedden, Guy Montgomery, Eli Matthewson, Chris Parker and Two Hearts (Joseph Moore and Laura Daniel). It sounds like a lie, but they are all incredible performers. And all incredibly attractive, as previously stated!

Where and when:

Snort Pleasance Courtyard – Upstairs,  1-25 Aug, 11 pm, from £6.50

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