Tell us about your new show

My show was called Woman on the Edge. Then I thought don’t mention that and now it’s called Don’t Mention It. The zeitgeist is about letting everything hang out. I’m going the other way. I guess my message is repress, repress, repress. Keep it all in until it gives you cancer.

What’s your best Edinburgh story?

When I started out I did a two-hander with a great performer on the Free Fringe. We had high if vague hopes for our run. But when we got to Scotland we found out our venue was flooded. We were moved to a small space off a grimy alleyway, used variously for peeing, vomiting and making out. A broken pipe swung dripping above the door. Numbers were low. As our own press officers, we learnt we were going to be reviewed – by the kind of pop up student paper that is The Sunday Times of the open mic circuit. We called every friend, cashed in every favour. We packed out the room. The show was a triumph. Our five-stars guaranteed. Everyone agreed. We spent the rest of the day celebrating – really celebrating. Meanwhile, we were also hosting a late show in a pub behind a curtain. It took care of itself. Great acts told jokes despite the background racket. It was always busy and fun. Weirdly on this particular night only a clutch of foreign tourists and a couple of friends turned up. It was a sobering evening, although possibly not sobering enough. We were incompetent, our audience apathetic. I think our award-winning headliner wrapped up saying something like, ‘I’m bored, you’re bored, let’s go home’. Still, it had been the best day of my Festival, if not my life. Unfortunately, the late show was the one that was reviewed. Nothing has ever made me laugh more than that viciously scathing attack. I still think it’s hysterical. Maybe I find it funny because it captured all the highs and lows of every Fringe endeavour in its single star – or perhaps I’m still in shock.

 What are you most looking forward to seeing at this year’s fringe?

Other people flyering for my show instead of me. I’ll watch a lot of stand up too. Can’t wait to see Danny Ward, Lou Sanders and Luke McQueen.

Where and when:

Tania Edwards:Don’t Mention It, to Monkey Barrel 2 Festival Fringe, 2nd-25th August (excl 14th) at 4.00pm.

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