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Black is The Colour of My Voice

August 22nd, 2014 | by edfest
Black is The Colour of My Voice

Apphia Campbell walks out on stage and is immediately arresting, entering into the dark and singing a Nina Simone song softly, with a great voice, before we are allowed to see her. This one woman play is inspired by the life of Nina Simone – manifested in the play as ‘Mena Bordeaux’ – and is set around three days of the singer’s life, three days of self-imposed detox after the death of her father.

Apphia’s monologue draws you into a compelling and heartbreaking story, punctuated with bursts of song. The renditions of Nina Simone songs are worth the ticket price alone, but the story of her battle between vices, religion, and ultimately finding herself and her importance within the civil rights movement is worked seamlessly through the performance. Special mention should also go to the stage direction, with the various musical and lighting cues snapped right to the beat.
Words: Mike Saunders

Black is the Colour of My Voice, Gilded Balloon, Aug 1 – 25 (not 13), 14:20