Review: Alfie Ordinary - Help! I think I might be fabulous - Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre - Attic

There aren’t many drag princes around, much less drag princes like Alfie Ordinary. With a sequinned waistcoat and shorts and a platinum blonde wig, Alfie perhaps wouldn’t be considered ordinary, but that’s exactly the point. This is a drag show about what it means to be fabulous in a world that doesn’t accept fabulous boys.

Alfie is a charming and loveable host for the hour, taking us through his school days (at an institution only for fabulous children) and educating us in turn on how to be fabulous. Did your teacher sing you YMCA in his office to cheer you up? No? Well Alfie’s did, and he recreates it for us with the help of his piano. Since then, Alfie’s answer to all the troubles he encounters is to sing and play his piano – like pop ballad therapy. Pop ballad therapy is about right as Alfie Ordinary keeps the humour clean and the stories all have heartwarming messages of self-love.

While a good deal tamer than many drag shows, Alfie delivers enough jokes to keeps us chuckling. A particular highlight is when Ordinary is joined on stage by Whitney Houston (the puppet version) with beautiful comic timing. The show is sweet and sincere but needs more brilliant moments like puppet Whitney Houston to give it a real punch. Alfie Ordinary is far from ordinary but Help! I think I might be Fabulous doesn’t quite realise his full extraordinary-ness. It’s an endearing show all in all, however, and an impressive Fringe debut. If only more ordinary folk were a bit like Alfie… 

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