Review: Cirque Berserk at Pleasance at EICC - Lennox Theatre

Many a circus act has come to town, Cirque Berserk! However, have come to Edinburgh to blow minds. Boasting a plethora of acrobats, aerialists, stuntmen, motorbikes, sword throwers and much more, the performers of Cirque Beserk! enrapture the audience from start to finish with their unique and awe-inspiring skills.

The theatrically misty set and pumping music are epic, and despite the show not adhering to a concrete narrative, the performers play exuberantly to a large, family-orientated audience. They gift the audience a constant whirlwind of surprises and thrills as well as more sensitive moments that are equally as captivating.

The ridiculously talented troupe offers something for everyone. As the eyes of the audience dart around the stage lapping up the show, the cast never shies away from implementing extreme elements of danger and risk.

Fire, swords, archery, intimidating heights, motorbikes hurling towards each other and more are all served on a delectable dish to the audience. The stunning aerial doubles and archery throwing contortionist are particular highlights. But every single act shines with their strength and compelling performance, the motorbike act is guaranteed to make even the greatest cynic sit in amazed disbelief. 

Cirque Beserk! are ring leaders of the circus scene and artfully nod to traditional circus practices yet input their own innovative and creative contemporary circus elements. One not to miss.

Cirque Berserk plays at Pleasance at EICC – Lennox Theatre, 13:30 and 18:30 until the 25th (not 21st)

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