Review: Heroes at Underbelly

Mixing aerial skills, dance theatre and contemporary circus, ‘Heroes’ has the ingredients to be a truly fantastic show. It explores the themes of celebrity culture and who our heroes are. The show glimmers with greatness but unfortunately does not possess a superpower.

Duo Jennifer Patterson and Tony Mills have a great sense of play and energy, however, their dialogue is flimsy and often inaudible. Patterson and Mills offer a child-like quality to their duo but the themes explored slightly jar with their target audience. The maturity of the topics explored blended with the pairings clumsy naivety causes confusion.

Powerhouse Patterson impressively prances up and down and around the stage using equipment such as a bungee, aerial hoop and Cyr wheel. Her routines are mesmerising and performed beautifully with style and an infectious smile. Mills’ character, on the other hand, dabbles in dancing and movement on the ground. The aerial moments are strong and stunning but there is too much time spent on the floor, contemplating whether to get up or not. The duo tease the audience with a hoop doubles routine but it comes to an end far too quickly.

Decked out with a simple but stylish set and choice of music, ‘Heroes’ is a pleasant production with smatterings of beautiful and fun aerial work.

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