Review: Blind Date at CanadaHub

Mimi, a sexy french clown, has been stood up and enlists a member of the audience to be her date.  So begins an edge of your seat evening of voyeurism, connecting and the invigorating unknown, as this improvised show is co-created by the ‘couple’.

The show begins in a little French cafe and could end up seemingly anywhere, as “Mimi” (played by creator Rebecca Northan) responds to her date, supported by a cast of improvisers whose limits in conjuring are playfully stretched.  A “time-out zone” offers a safety net and vehicle for exploring the parameters of the show, inviting audience input on key plot decisions, and discussing the importance of a clown’s nose.  Very meta.

Northan expertly guides the tone, inviting vulnerability, knowing where to cheekily push and where to step back, taking great care of her guest.  This is a clown who knows how to play.  Northan shows amazing improvisational finesse, joy in the art of mime and some serious savoir-faire in relating. 

At times audience support for the willing date is palpable, and at others, the feeling is more peeking-through-your-hands wincingly awkward. Expect laughter, themes on the nature of consent, the lost art of dating and possibly star trek….  This is furthering of the art of clowning at it’s most juicy! 

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