Review: Kombini at Circus Hub,

Brought to the Underbelly Circus Hub by esteemed circus company Les Foutoukours, Kombini is wonderfully endearing, providing an afternoon of light-hearted laughter for teenagers and adults alike. 

Kombini tells the story of two clowns who get their big break entertaining at a children’s birthday party, however with multiple slapstick incidents threatening to derail their performance, the pair must work together to succeed in their quest for fame. 

Beautifully executed and sweet, each sketch is filled with magic and whimsy, with world-class juggling and acrobatics interspersed throughout the performance. The choreography is simple but perfectly executed, as the clowns move with one another in beautifully fluid harmony. Each acrobatic trick looks effortless which is a testament to the incredible strength and agility of the performers. 

Both clowns are able to communicate among one another and with the audience in their own special language which only makes their interactions even more hilarious. Without ever saying a word, they bring the audience joy, laughter and allow them to feel deep empathy, a skill that is not always achieved in such a genuine way. 

Bright and vivid colours are used throughout the performance from the costumes to the bright red balloons helping build on the show’s cheerful atmosphere. 

Succeeding in its endeavour to change the common fear of clowns into love, Kombini is an incredibly sweet and heartwarming piece of theatre and circus. 

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