Review: Yuck Circus at Underbelly Circus Hub

Backflips, aerial silks and a menstrual dance that sent an appreciable shudder through older members of the audience, Yuck Circus is never slow and never boring. Tackling the patriarchy head-on by dragging up as strong-man bruisers and doing the male gaze themselves, the performers enjoy swigging pints and thrusting their bulges at the front-row then reappear in skirts to tell break up stories and get gross with a jar of Nutella.

Sometimes dividing in two, dancers pirouette and fall into the splits while the others chase them as live aubergine emoji sex pests. A standout moment comes when the troupe lines up to recite the most nauseating chat-up lines they have been on the receiving end of while the frontwoman groans in pleasure and hammers a masonry nail up one nostril.

The pace slows at moments but overall the energy is high and troupe so committed that it’s impossible not to leave grinning. A rousing dance-number to ABBA’s Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! in which the performers are both girls at a disco and the air-humping meatheads pursuing them is the perfect climax.

Yuck Circus is on at Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows – The Beauty at 4 pm until the 24th

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