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Review: Little Death Club at Underbelly

Review: Little Death Club at Underbelly

Bernie Dieter with the black bob, huge eyes, towering heels and immense voice is both the star and the MC of this saucy, spectacular cabaret variety show. There’s live rock band Die Vier on stage and a tremendous line-up, including hilarious drag superstar Myra Dubois and superbly dreadful French poet Marcel Lucont.

Kitty Bang Bang in thigh boots and leather corset blows fire, Beau Sargent, in sparkly pants and high heels, delivers a breathtakingly beautiful aerial act, while Bernie Dieter sings a swooning ballad.

Dieter clambers over the audience, recruiting a group of man to carry her, giving them pet names and flirting wildly. Her songs are raucous and explicit – with one, entitled ‘Lick My Pussy’ leading Marcel Lucont to observe: “Why have a double entendre when you can have a single entendre.”

He has a point – the sexuality is laid on very thickly and a bit of subtlety wouldn’t go amiss. But the pace, skill and spectacle of this show are world class. Dieter has a warmth towards her audience and her fellow performers that is irresistible. As she gathers her beloved freaks on stage for a final bow, the crowd leaps to its feet in wild excitement.

Little Death Club, Underbelly Circus Hub, 3-24 Aug, 8pm