Review: Late Night Lip Service @ Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre - Main Theatre

Arriving fashionably late in an elaborate costume and wig, Gingzilla stands 7 foot svelte with the crowd in the palm of her glittery palm.

Hostess Gingzilla demands attention and drips stage presence with her wit and elegance. Late Night Lip Service is a showcase of different burlesque and comedy acts in the Fringe and is a sparkling evening of debauchery and decadent costumes. Filthy femme fatale Gingzilla introduces each act and performs in between them, effortlessly concocting class and crudity to create a unique performance. She engages in audience participation, inviting them to cat walk and express themselves.

Performing to a liquored but lovely crowd, the evening is somewhat dependant on the acts. Fortunately, Gingzilla has cherry-picked a sassy array of talent and variety. Highlights include ‘Garry Starr’ who endearingly and nakedly dances and seduces his audience. Comedian Zach Zimmerman is dressed plainly but titillates the audience with quick wit.

There are moments of raw and powerful talent but occasionally the glitter and gimmicks overpower the content and specs of the show feel like watching a glamorous music video (albeit a music video worth paying for).

Late Night Lip Service is a fabulous evening of self-expression and rude, bold-fashioned fun.

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