Review: Atomic Saloon Show at Assembly: George Square: Spiegeltent

A lively crowd get ready for an unashamedly raunchy romp through the wild west, as the Atomic Saloon Show takes over the Palais du Variete. Speigelworld presents a gun-slinging cabaret and circus extravaganza, with an hour of x-rated acts, laughs and everything in between. 

Madam Boozy Skunkton, our ringmaster, the madame of the brothel and Compère whips the audience into a frenzy, with on the nose jokes and slapstick style. Though the comedy is brash, it is not an indictment of all that is to come, as the company blends acrobatic prowess with clownish humour. From a womanising cowboy with powerhouse vocals to unbelievable aerial acts; this show continues to surprise with a wealth of talent. The confidence, charm and passion brought by every member of this troupe is infectious; the audience is transfixed as the performers swing, suspended in mid-air. 

The Atomic Saloon Show adds a little spaghetti to this Western too, with the incomparable Gary Starr appearing; sprinkling his signature moves into this show. As the hour unfolds, despite its rather tenuous plotline, threads of tap, ballet and modern movement are woven through the evening. A surprising and beautiful contrast to a very sex-centric show. All these elements combine for a well-rounded show that will leave you laughing, utterly speechless or spellbound. 

A cavalcade of cowboys bring an hour of undeniable entertainment to even the most cynical of circus-goer. Though the comedy is fairly crass, the glamour of this show is befitting its upcoming Las Vegas debut. Speigelword brings a show that must be fully embraced to be enjoyed so, settle in for a night of shouting, shoot-outs and sizzling circus.

Atomic Saloon Show is at Assembly George Square Gardens – Palais du Variete at 10.10 pm until the 25th

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