Review: Séayoncé- Déjà Vodoo at Assembly George Square

To begin, Namaslay. It’s only right to honour Séayoncé’s respectful practice. Charmingly pun-tastic Séayoncé uses her incredible powers as a medium and altruist to help us all stop being such pieces of sh*t-c**ts. And let’s admit it, we all are. 

She’ll be the devil on your shoulder (perhaps literally) in this super fun and interactive journey through the realms of the living and the dead funny. Astrology, tarot, seance, amulets and indoor house plants, she’s really up to date on all of the latest fads. Are you ready to be more connected? Don’t be possessive, and let go of your worries.

She’s fiercely experienced and will help you loosen up after a long day of Fringe galavanting. You’ll be ready to let her in to your deepest darkest places, just relax and close your eyes…

Through her past relationship with the Underlord himself, naughty Séayoncé has three challenges to face, with the help of the audience. It seems he’s just jealous that he didn’t put a ring on it. 

You could say she doesn’t go as deep as expected… the jokes are at times too obvious or too frequent but in the end, Séayoncé pulls them off with endearing grace. This is one for Beyoncé lovers, drag lovers, dog lovers, toy lovers, ass lovers, lovers, devil haters, and drunk people. 

Trigger warning: plants are shouted at during this piece.

Real trigger warning: there are scenes of nudity (and it is hawt bbz).

Séayoncé- Déjà Vodoo is on at Assembly George Square – The Blue Room at 10.20pm

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