Cabaret & Circus Reviews


Review: Réversible at Assembly Rooms

Perhaps something that gets overlooked at the Fringe is the importance of venue. Back in 2012, Russell Kane had to move his show from the Assembly Rooms Ballroom due to sound problems which plagued the comedi...

Review: Circa: Wolfgang at Underbelly’s Circus Hub

If we are to believe his characterisation in the film Amadeus, Mozart, the energetically boyish musical prodigy, is an excellent candidate for a circus routine: cheeky, and with a fabulous soundtrack to boot. ...

Review: Flip Fabrique: Attrape Moi at Assembly Hall

Flip Fabrique are a returning act to the Edinburgh Festival and impressively they have managed to secure themselves one of the top venues in town, taking to the stage at Assembly Hall's Main Hall. Attrape Moi ...

Review: Hans – Like a German at Assembly Rooms

Going to see America’s Got Talent star Hans perform felt less like attending a cabaret show and more like a rally for a cult of personality. He editorialises his own show as he goes, practically reviewing it ...

Review: The Miss Behave Gameshow at Gilded Balloon Teviot

You're not ready for Miss Behave. Armed with just a sequin turban, some marker inscribed cardboard, and her glamorous, moustachioed assistant Tiffany, Miss Behave runs the room, spilling out an energy that has...
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