Circus Reviews


Review: Filament at Underbelly Circus Hub

Promising to fill the stage with a story magnified by circus skills, Filament uses 80s teen movies as the inspiration behind their show. The energetic troupe of eight characterise high school archetypes and jo...

Review: xoxo Moongirl at Assembly Checkpoint

Xoxo Moongirl exemplifies how elements of aerial skills can powerfully enhance a show. It is an exquisite aerial display and a hauntingly beautiful piece of storytelling that is both heartwarming and wrenching...

Review: Yuck Circus at Underbelly Circus Hub

Backflips, aerial silks and a menstrual dance that sent an appreciable shudder through older members of the audience, Yuck Circus is never slow and never boring. Tackling the patriarchy head-on by dragging up ...
Heroes at Udderbelly

Review: Heroes at Udderbelly

Aerial work and dance moves come together in a family show that takes a playful-but-wannabe-serious look at heroic fantasies - and the realities of being brave, and overcoming your fears. Beverley Grant (A...

Review: Rouge at Underbelly Circus Hub

‘Rouge’ is circus for grown-ups. Not only is it super sultry and laden in gorgeous acrobatic and aerial choreography, but it's also a sexy, slick celebration and empowering spectacle. Boasting an eclectic g...
Staged at ZOO Southside

Review: Staged at ZOO Southside

There are some very unexpected balancing acts in this show by Circumference – and not all of them happen on the wonderfully wayward slatted platform that’s suspended above the stage. When the three perform...
Backbone at Underbelly

Review: Backbone at Underbelly Bristo Square

You could say that Gravity & Other Myths (GOM) is a very down-to-earth outfit … only these Adelaide circus stars spend most of Backbone’s fast and furious 70 minutes either hurtling through the air, b...

Review: Late Bloomers- Scotland! at Assembly Bijou

Throughout the world Scotland is known as a nation of tartan-clad drunks. Scots – the stereotypes say – spend their days raging against the English, belting Auld Lang Syne while hunting wild Haggis. In this jo...
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