Review: Confetti and Chaos

Confetti and Chaos is a fantastically funny immersive dining experience, giving you front row seats as all your greatest wedding anxieties play out over a 3-course dinner. Not much goes right and its all the b...

Review: Do Our Best at Underbelly Cowgate

Do Our Best, is a simply hilarious, complex gem of writing. Girl guide ‘Sephie’ is thirty and is attempting to finally achieve her entertainers badge for the fourth time. Actress Remy Beasley stunningly guides...
Spencer Jones at Pleasance

Review: Spencer Jones – The Things We Leave Behind

Spencer Jones is the stuff of Marie Kondo's nightmares. The Dave’s Edinburgh Comedy Award- and double-BAFTA-nominated professional nutjob appears to be a stranger to the art of decluttering. Instead of throwin...

Review: Dan Soder: Son Of A Gary at Underbelly

On paper, the concept of this show is a sweet one. A mid-thirties son raised by his mum after his dad passed away at an early age, reflecting on his life and where he’s at compared to where society thinks he s...

Review: Ben Pope: Dancing Bear at Pleasance Courtyard

Ben Pope is a deeply uncynical man. Wearing pyjamas, he bounds in and high fives everyone, does some winning crowd work and tells us how gifted he is at sleeping. It’s kind of adorable, and the audience are co...
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