Comedy Reviews


Review: Emma Sidi: Faces of Grace at Pleasance Courtyard

Character comedian and ‘contemporary somatic movement enthusiast’ Emma Sidi brings five new faces to the Fringe. Using a floral arch, Sidi takes persona switching to a new level in an almost Stars in Their Ey...

Review: Nele Needs a Holiday: The Musical at Summerhall

Nele Needs a Holiday is a beautiful and endearing piece of musical theatre that truly engages with the reality of dreams being followed, made and even broken. A Belgian popstar moves to London to steal the job...

Review: Lou Sanders: Shame Pig at Monkey Barrel

Lou Sanders is here to teach us about shame. Not embarrassment, that fleeting, lower-tier stuff, but real shame, the big moments that stick with you and whisper to you at night years later. Taking cues from he...

Review: Steen Raskopoulos: Stay at Underbelly Cowgate

Steen Raskopoulos performs sketch comedy at breathtaking speed, instantly immersing his audience into brilliantly inventive moments in a transformative hour of stunningly impressive comedy. The show centres a...
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