Rob Oldham: Worm’s Lament at Pleasance Courtyard

Rob Oldham’s comedy is almost painfully self-aware, from the name of his latest show to the speculation that not all of the chanting audiences he encounters while touring are keen for his tonal prose poetry. An...

Review: Liam Withnail: Homeboy at Monkey Barrel 

The first time I visited Edinburgh's Harry Potter themed escape room, I spent the whole time plotting how I would master the wizardry hell hole. Fast forward a couple of months to sitting down in Homeboy. The...

Review: Pelican: Fisk at Bedlam Theatre

Game, set and match. Pelican’s newest show, Fisk, is a triumph. This tennis themed comedy involves friendship, murder and the foiling of an evil plan. It has all the satire of an Austin Powers film while still ...

Review: Heidi Regan: Heidi vs Sharks at Pleasance Courtyard

Every Fringe there's probably about 300 improv Shakespeare shows ‘with a modern twist’ on the go. With so many shows on offer, it's hard to be original, but I’ll stick my neck out and say that I’m almost cert...
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