Review: Lauren Pattison: Peachy at Pleasance Courtyard

There are the comedians who revolutionise their industry, the ones who have taken the wrong turn, and then there are others, the best ones - those we want to be friends with. Lauren Pattison is certainly one ...

Review: Larry Dean: Bampot at Assembly Checkpoint

Man walks into Fringe comedy show, man sits down, comedian starts, man laughs, comedian ends, man unexpectedly cries. Few times have I seen a comedian so honest and raw as Larry Dean. Only a comedian with a pe...

Review: Anuvab Pal: Empire at Pleasance Courtyard

Anuvab Pal, one of India’s top comedians, doesn’t beat around the bush when it comes to Empire.  Pal jumps straight into the thick of it, explaining the origins of his own perfect English, his weight gain, and...

Review: Ivan Aristeguieta: Juithy at Pleasance Courtyard

Ever fancied visiting Venezuela? Just head to the Pleasance instead - Ivan Aristeguieta will save you the £600 for flights. His descriptions and charming delivery paints such a rich picture of his home countr...
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