Review: Sindhu Vee: Sandhog at Pleasance Courtyard

Sindhu Vee's comedy career ranges from radio to TV panel shows and podcasts and she's been performing stand-up since 2012 so this year there's been plenty of buzz as she pits herself against her comedy contempo...

Review: Jo Caulfield: Killing Time at The Stand

Jo Caulfield’s new show Killing Time does what it says on the tin. It’s an hour of odd topics and observations covering everything from tales of Australian travellers to hotel baggage handling and one extremely...

Review: Zoe Lyons – Entry Level Human

Zoe Lyons’ Entry Level Human is an exploration of the times in which intelligence has failed the human race, and how no one is immune to the occasional lapse in reason. From Brexit to hotel rooms and having t...

Review: Micky Overman: Role Model @ Pleasance Courtyard

Chortle Newcomer 2018 nominee Micky Overman’s debut hour Role Model is filled with amusing anecdotes about her attempt to become the best example of one herself. Her role models range from Julie Andrews to Fran...

Review: Maisie Adams: Vague at Gilded Balloon

Eyes are on Maisie Adams this year as she debuts her first hour following her victory at last year’s ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ competition. The same quirky, personable presence that won her the title makes Va...
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