Ed Byrne at Assembly Rooms

Review: Ed Byrne – If I’m Honest at Assembly Rooms

Irish raconteur and TV regular Ed Byrne bounds onto the stage to thunderous applause in this packed, upmarket venue. The tousled quiff and red lamé jacket make him look unsettlingly like the charismatic lead s...

Review: Jack Rooke Love Letters To Edinburgh at Assembly

In his return to the Edinburgh Fringe, the effervescent Jack Rooke takes on love in all its forms. Accompanied by the massively talented and stoically handsome “deadpan queen of Dalston” Alexander Thomas o...

Review: Loyiso Gola: Pop Culture at Pleasance Dome

This feels like a show that could pack out The Grand from a comedian that’s levitating at the top of his game.  Loyiso Gola is a household name in his native South Africa, so it’s a little surprising t...
Susie McCabe at Assembly

Review: Susie McCabe – Domestic Disaster at Assembly

The last time I saw someone this cutting in a shipping container I was watching an episode of Dexter. Five minutes in and Glaswegian stand-up, Susie McCabe has already referenced her snug Fringe venue several ...

Review: Police Cops- Badass be Thy Name at Assembly

Don't let the boisterous title of Police Cops new show Badass be Thy Name deter you. Police Cops yet again indulge their audiences with an audacious and hilarious show. They are champions of punchy physical co...

Review: Chagos 1971 at ZOO Playground – Playground 3

Britain is quite hushed about its imperial past. Just over a century ago it ran the largest empire in human history; the societies of over a fifth of the world’s population were plundered for their culture, la...
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