Review: Emma Sidi: Faces of Grace at Pleasance Courtyard

Character comedian and ‘contemporary somatic movement enthusiast’ Emma Sidi brings five new faces to the Fringe. Using a floral arch, Sidi takes persona switching to a new level in an almost Stars in Their Ey...

Review: La Maladie de la Mort at the Lyceum Theatre

Katie Mitchell and Alice Birch's free adaptation of Marguerite Duras' La Maladie de la Mort is all about gaze: the gaze of one character on another, as seen through their mobile phone as they film one another, as seen through the gaze of the camera which live ...

Review: Nele Needs a Holiday: The Musical at Summerhall

Nele Needs a Holiday is a beautiful and endearing piece of musical theatre that truly engages with the reality of dreams being followed, made and even broken. A Belgian popstar moves to London to steal the job...

Review: Lou Sanders: Shame Pig at Monkey Barrel

Lou Sanders is here to teach us about shame. Not embarrassment, that fleeting, lower-tier stuff, but real shame, the big moments that stick with you and whisper to you at night years later. Taking cues from her onstage 'shame brain', Sanders tells us the stor...

Review: Void at Summerhall

Void is a gut punch of a piece with some incredible original dance from Mele Broomes, exploring themes of race, womanhood, belonging, and diaspora, to name but a view. Void is a scream of feminine rage and is...

Review: Flushed at Underbelly Cowgate

Flushed is the debut production from Manchester-based theatre company Theatre Unlocked, however this is not apparent at all from the quality of writing, acting and stage production on display.  Marnie and Jen (played by Georgia Phillips and Iona Champain, res...
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