Reviews: Comedy


Review: Lolly Jones: 50 Shades of May at Assembly Roxy

We are in the company of Lolly Jones (as seen on BBC3 and Comedy Central) for 55 minutes, and she doesn’t speak once. Instead, she mimes as the familiar voices of our female politicians ring out through the PA....

Review: Ed Night: An Aesthetic at Pleasance Courtyard

For most of us, it’s hard enough to order a pizza with a hangover, never mind stand in front of a sold out room of strangers every night for three weeks. South London comedian Ed Night doesn’t waste any time ...

Review: Adam Rowe: Undeniable at Just the Tonic 

Adam Rowe opens the hour with a show of hands. Who’s Scottish? Who’s English? Who’s international? Who’s American and voted for ‘him’? Nobody, apparently, and with that Rowe, a self-identified chubby 25 year ...

Review: Alex Edelman: Just for Us at Pleasance Courtyard

It's hard to make being a victim of anti-Semitism funny, but in Just for Us, Alex Edelman does a fantastic job. He tells us about his time on the less friendly side of Twitter and describes an undercover stint ...

Review: Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse at Pleasance Courtyard

Sarah Keyworth is an honest comedian who knows how to stir genuine emotion in her audience while still keeping them laughing from the get go. Dark Horse takes on some serious topics, exploring gender, sexuali...

Review: Ahir Shah: Duffer at Cabaret Voltaire

If the Comedy Awards at Edinburgh have taught us anything over the last few years, it’s that emotionally weighted shows take the spotlight. They’re the ones that tend to stay with audience members and critics...
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