Reviews: Dance


Review: Ritualia at Zoo, Southside

Clad in black, hooded nymph-like all in one suits, a group of dancers begin the piece as an entangled entity. Chewing and intertwining between each other, they move like a school of feathery fish. Backstage le...
Purposeless Movements at Festival Theatre

Review: Purposeless Movements at the Festival Theatre

"Purposeless movements" is a medical phrase used to describe the impaired motor skills of a child with cerebral palsy. It's characteristic of writer and director Robert Softley Gale, who has the condition hims...
Hard to Be Soft at Lyceum

Review: Hard to Be Soft – A Belfast Prayer at the Lyceum

A smoky spiral of incense rises from the front of the stage along with the choral harmonies of Allegri’s 'Miserere mei, Deus'. Men’s voices cut in over the music: harsh with aggression, revved up for the possi...
The Sensemaker at Zoo Playground

Review: The Sensemaker at Zoo Playground

“Hello, all of our operators are currently busy, please wait” And as a jangly version of Beethoven’s Ode to Joy puts the caller on hold, that’s what Elsa Couvreur does. She passes the intervening time by lip-s...

Review: Symbiosis at GreenHouse, Dynamic Earth

Symbiosis is a beautiful solo piece with impressive contemporary dance. You’ll experience passion, frustration and relief through the expression of this dancer.  It tells the story of a life so far. With an...

Review: Out at Summerhall (Old Lab)

In all the years I have attended the Fringe, never have I been warned about the loudness of a show, before it’s begun; yet soon this warning makes perfect sense. As soon as the doors open, the infectious ro...
In Plain Site at Jupiter Artland

Review: Trisha Brown – In Plain Site at Jupiter Artland

Even though American choreographer Trisha Brown made visionary work for the proscenium stage, she had – from her earliest creative days in the 1960’s – relished setting danceworks in unconventional, even ...
Kalakuta Republik at the Lyceum

Review: Kalakuta Republik at the Lyceum

When the music plays, the dancers who make up Faso Danse Théâtre don’t just grab your attention with their liquid-snake-y hips, rolling shoulder shakes and lissome channeling of shifting rhythms, they also, wh...

Review: The Chosen at DanceBase

How does one live life, when having acknowledged the harsh reality of death? Company Chordelia approaches the matter through a dazzling contemporary dance piece, capturing the intimidating power of such a prob...
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