Five Stars


Review: Wild Swimming at Pleasance

Full Rogue’s production of Wild Swimming is a joyful, clever and funny show about gender, privilege, poetry and swimming. Alice Lamb and Annabel Baldwin play Oscar and Nell, two childhood friends with differen...

The Land of My Fathers and Mothers and Some Other People

With the aid of just an overhead projector, his mum’s diary, and a series of increasingly revealing costume changes, it is remarkable how effectively Rhys Slade-Jones is able to transport you to the Welsh vill...
Rite of Spring at Festival Theatre

Review: Rite of Spring at the Festival Theatre

Since The Rite of Spring – created by Stravinsky and Nijinsky – scandalised Paris in 1913, there have been over 200 dance-works that, in one way or another, involve a sacrificial Chosen One. The origins of St...

Review: Do Our Best at Underbelly Cowgate

Do Our Best, is a simply hilarious, complex gem of writing. Girl guide ‘Sephie’ is thirty and is attempting to finally achieve her entertainers badge for the fourth time. Actress Remy Beasley stunningly guides...

Review: Man on the Moon, Keisha Thompson, Summerhall

Four days before Christmas, Keisha Thompson gets anxious about her father. He’s Caribbean, living alone in poverty in Manchester, and she hasn’t seen him for half a year. He converted to Islam, changed his nam...

Review: Mouthpiece at The Traverse

From the opening scene to the final moment, Mouthpiece is beautifully crafted from every possible angle. Kieran Hurley’s blindingly fresh script is brought into startling, heart-breaking, hilarious life by not...

Review: A War of Two Halves at Tynecastle Park

Football's a funny old game. Underneath the often-justified layers of barbarism which critics will papier-mâché it in with colourful tabloid stories, there's a real emotional connection between fans and player...

Review: Hotter at Underbelly-White Belly

Mary Higgins and Ell Potter are posing on the stage, decked out in fur coats and sunglasses in a very sweaty, darkroom. They are best friends and ex-girlfriends who, crucially, put a deposit down on a fringe v...
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