Reviews: Music


Review: Electrolyte at Pleasance Dome

Crackling with irrepressible energy, sound and movement, Electrolyte is a brilliant production and exploration of mental health, grief and friendship.   Jessie lives in Leeds and desperately yearns to break fr...

Review: Bowjangles: Excalibow at Gilded Balloon Teviot

Wielding bows as swords and leaping across the stage, Bowjangles are no ordinary string quartet. Entering as four mythical cloaked warriors, Bowjangles set the scene with a song about the legend of Excalibow, t...

Review: Thumpasaurus at Underbelly Cowgate

Personally, I've always enjoyed live music, but never been able to get as excited as some people do when attending. Between not being as invested in bands as others and a paralysing degree of self-consciousness...

Review: Kate Dimbleby: Sing Happy at Frankenstein’s Pub

Have you ever wished your everyday life could be more like a musical? Well, Kate Dimbleby is making a go of it with her new show, Sing Happy.  Ready to go, with her studio equipment balancing on literal iron b...

Review: The Beggar’s Opera at King’s Theatre

This inventive and fresh production of The Beggar’s Opera is irredeemably hampered by its refusal to update its gender politics. When the dialogue has been adapted to lampoon everything from Brexit to orgies,...

Review: Pussy Riot: Riot Days at Summerhall

Maria Alyokhina has just left the stage after bidding an ecstatic audience a warm farewell, heading for the Summerhall courtyard where she will sign copies of her 2017 memoir Riot Days. In the queue to leave,...
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