Review: Dead Equal, Army @ the fringe

Three women go to war. One says ‘I can shoot, I can fight, I can fix an engine… I choose to live this war…’. The second is gym-fit and in love with the idea of soldiers as ‘beautiful deadly killing machines…’....

The Land of My Fathers and Mothers and Some Other People

With the aid of just an overhead projector, his mum’s diary, and a series of increasingly revealing costume changes, it is remarkable how effectively Rhys Slade-Jones is able to transport you to the Welsh vill...

Review: dressed at Pleasance Courtyard

In dressed., four female friends perform on stage, each displaying their own distinctive talents. Josie Dale-Jones, the producer of the show, is a theatre maker, whilst Lydia Higginson is a costume designer and seamstress; Nobahar Mahdavi is a singer and song...
Rite of Spring at Festival Theatre

Review: Rite of Spring at the Festival Theatre

Since The Rite of Spring – created by Stravinsky and Nijinsky – scandalised Paris in 1913, there have been over 200 dance-works that, in one way or another, involve a sacrificial Chosen One. The origins of St...
The Incident Room at Pleasance Courtyard

Review: The Incident Room at Pleasance Courtyard

The five-year manhunt for the serial killer dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper is meaty fodder for deliberation, having already inspired a host of documentaries and books on different aspects of the sprawling investigation. One of those books, Michael Bilton’s Wi...

Review: Everything I See I Swallow at Summerhall

In the demonstration room in Summerhall, a girl is suspended from the ceiling, bound in an elaborate shibari knot pattern like an enormous spider. Her mother, dressed in a hot pink trouser suit steps forward a...

Review: Ritualia at Zoo, Southside

Clad in black, hooded nymph-like all in one suits, a group of dancers begin the piece as an entangled entity. Chewing and intertwining between each other, they move like a school of feathery fish. Backstage left of them is a rope headed empress type creature,...

Review: Hatch at Underbelly

After being arrested on suspicion of selling drugs on behalf of her lover, ‘Jess’ is isolated in a prison cell with only her thoughts, or rather her poetry and stunning vocals to carve away at the time. Locate...
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