Review: Fiddlers on the Ramp, Roman Eagle Lodge

How do you take your folk music? Nostalgic, with a whisky, or anarchic, with Irn-bru? Fiddlers on the Ramp are double-distilled Irn-bru, and have cooked up a mighty boosh of a show that catapults the crowd thr...

Review: Definitely Louise at Gilded Balloon

This year has seen a celebration of ‘unlikeable women’, from The Favourite to Killing Eve, female characters are finally allowed to be more than appealing. They can be messed up, cruel, hurting, spitefull and ...

Review: Surveillance at The Space

Jack Jackman writes, directs and performs in this production of three short plays that explore the loss of privacy in the digital age. It’s a rich seam to explore, and a heroic effort to perform all three roles, but it comes at a fatal cost: the writing is un...

Review: Do Our Best at Underbelly Cowgate

Do Our Best, is a simply hilarious, complex gem of writing. Girl guide ‘Sephie’ is thirty and is attempting to finally achieve her entertainers badge for the fourth time. Actress Remy Beasley stunningly guides...
Purposeless Movements at Festival Theatre

Review: Purposeless Movements at the Festival Theatre

"Purposeless movements" is a medical phrase used to describe the impaired motor skills of a child with cerebral palsy. It's characteristic of writer and director Robert Softley Gale, who has the condition hims...
Spencer Jones at Pleasance

Review: Spencer Jones – The Things We Leave Behind

Spencer Jones is the stuff of Marie Kondo's nightmares. The Dave’s Edinburgh Comedy Award- and double-BAFTA-nominated professional nutjob appears to be a stranger to the art of decluttering. Instead of throwing his random rubbish away, the absurdist has stock...
Hard to Be Soft at Lyceum

Review: Hard to Be Soft – A Belfast Prayer at the Lyceum

A smoky spiral of incense rises from the front of the stage along with the choral harmonies of Allegri’s 'Miserere mei, Deus'. Men’s voices cut in over the music: harsh with aggression, revved up for the possi...

Review: Man on the Moon, Keisha Thompson, Summerhall

Four days before Christmas, Keisha Thompson gets anxious about her father. He’s Caribbean, living alone in poverty in Manchester, and she hasn’t seen him for half a year. He converted to Islam, changed his nam...

Review: Inflatable Space at Assembly Roxy

Thaddeus Philips returns to the fringe with this fascinating account of the 1977 Voyager Space Probe on its journey to the edge of our galaxy, and, its secondary mission to carry a record of human civilisation into the depths of space. Featuring the music of ...

Review: Dan Soder: Son Of A Gary at Underbelly

On paper, the concept of this show is a sweet one. A mid-thirties son raised by his mum after his dad passed away at an early age, reflecting on his life and where he’s at compared to where society thinks he s...
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