Reviews: Cabaret


Review: Sven Ratzke: Homme Fatale at Assembly Hall

Cast all thoughts of what this show may be like aside before entering the weird world of Sven Ratzke’s offbeat surrealist cabaret. It will be like nothing you’ve seen, that much is a guaranteed. The show begi...

Review: Hans – Like a German at Assembly Rooms

Going to see America’s Got Talent star Hans perform felt less like attending a cabaret show and more like a rally for a cult of personality. He editorialises his own show as he goes, practically reviewing it ...

Review: Little Death Club at Underbelly Circus Hub

Bernie Dieter bursts on to stage to remind us that life is a cabaret, darlings, and a twisted and slightly perverted one at that. With more cabaret and variety on this year’s Fringe than my showgirl heart can...
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