Reviews: Theatre


Review: Surveillance at The Space

Jack Jackman writes, directs and performs in this production of three short plays that explore the loss of privacy in the digital age. It’s a rich seam to explore, and a heroic effort to perform all three role...

Review: Man on the Moon, Keisha Thompson, Summerhall

Four days before Christmas, Keisha Thompson gets anxious about her father. He’s Caribbean, living alone in poverty in Manchester, and she hasn’t seen him for half a year. He converted to Islam, changed his nam...

Review: Inflatable Space at Assembly Roxy

Thaddeus Philips returns to the fringe with this fascinating account of the 1977 Voyager Space Probe on its journey to the edge of our galaxy, and, its secondary mission to carry a record of human civilisation...

Review: Mouthpiece at The Traverse

From the opening scene to the final moment, Mouthpiece is beautifully crafted from every possible angle. Kieran Hurley’s blindingly fresh script is brought into startling, heart-breaking, hilarious life by not...
The Professor at Assembly Rooms

Review: The Professor at the Assembly Rooms

Something’s gone awry with today’s lecture. We’ve turned up at the right room and it's the same lecturer we’ve had all year. He even tells us how much he’s loved teaching us. But every time he launches into th...

Review: Collapsible at Assembly Roxy – Upstairs

Crouched down on a rocky plinth, ‘Essie’ sits mid-air like a priestess amongst rubble and three intimidating spikes. A gripping opening image, Breffni Holahan has the audience utterly absorbed for the entirety...

Review: A War of Two Halves at Tynecastle Park

Football's a funny old game. Underneath the often-justified layers of barbarism which critics will papier-mâché it in with colourful tabloid stories, there's a real emotional connection between fans and player...

Review: Hotter at Underbelly-White Belly

Mary Higgins and Ell Potter are posing on the stage, decked out in fur coats and sunglasses in a very sweaty, darkroom. They are best friends and ex-girlfriends who, crucially, put a deposit down on a fringe v...
Stephen Fry in Mythos at Festival Theatre

Review: Stephen Fry – Mythos at the Festival Theatre

Perched on his winged armchair like a kindly Jackanory presenter, Stephen Fry asks: “when did it all start?” What he means, is when did we start telling stories? Always, of course, around the campfire, but onl...
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