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Review: Out at Summerhall (Old Lab)

In all the years I have attended the Fringe, never have I been warned about the loudness of a show, before it’s begun; yet soon this warning makes perfect sense. As soon as the doors open, the infectious ro...

Review: Hot Flush at Gilded Balloon

Pink, glitter, prosecco a blow-up doll and six hens – ever wondered what happens when women go to the toilet together? Hot Flush is your answer.  Nikki Peach and Phoebe Taylor new writing starts with the quest...
LipSync at Summerhall

Review: LipSync at Summerhall

"My name is Kirsty and I am seriously unwell," says the star of this autobiographical show – except there is not one person talking but two. They stand like mirror images, a hygienic two meters apart, similar ...
Subject Mater at Paradise in the Vault

Review: Subject Mater at Paradise in the Vault

This feels like a discovery. Performed on the tiniest of stages in front of three rows of seats, Nadia Cavelle’s three-hander is an exquisite example of what an inventive Fringe company can do with minimal res...

Review: Coma at Summerhall

Darkfield has developed a reputation for its immersive theatre. Their last two shows, Seance and Flight, have used the same conceit of immersing their audiences in total darkness in a shipping container. The k...

Review: Islander at Summerhall

Far from your average sing-a-long musical, this production weaves new life into the form, layering myth and reality, with a contemporary Scottish folk-inspired score.  Using voices and vocal loops, the co...

Review: Oedipus at King’s Theatre

“I am me. I am me,” declares Oedipus. But the truth is that Oedipus—a compelling Hans Kesting—doesn’t know who he is in Robert Icke’s startlingly contemporary and razor-sharp version of Sophocles. It’s as if I...

Review: Unicorns Almost, Army @ the Fringe

How to do justice to the life of a poet? Should you tell the biography, or wrestle with the art? Owen Sheers’ life of Keith Douglas, as directed by John Retallack, sets up camp – literally – in the former. You...
David Edgar at Traverse

Review: Trying It On at Traverse

"You know what they say about the Traverse, but it's not all true," says David Edgar after taking a straw poll and finding several Conservative voters in the audience. If coming to the Traverse as a Tory sound...
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