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Stephen Fry in Mythos at Festival Theatre

Review: Stephen Fry – Mythos at the Festival Theatre

Perched on his winged armchair like a kindly Jackanory presenter, Stephen Fry asks: “when did it all start?” What he means, is when did we start telling stories? Always, of course, around the campfire, but onl...
Little Death Club at Underbelly

Review: Little Death Club at Underbelly

Bernie Dieter with the black bob, huge eyes, towering heels and immense voice is both the star and the MC of this saucy, spectacular cabaret variety show. There’s live rock band Die Vier on stage and a tremend...
Baby Reindeer at Summerhall

Review: Baby Reindeer at Summerhall

Men are supposed to be invulnerable. When threatened, they're expected to deal with the source of the problem and shut it down. Things are not meant to get under their skin. Big boys don't cry. That's one o...
Basil Brush at Underbelly

Review: Basil Brush – Unleashed at Underbelly

The voice is different. The laugh is different. But then we've all changed a bit in fifty years. This hour in the company of Basil and his new Mr – Mr Martin – is sweet and funny and just naughty enough to giv...
Bobby & Amy at Pleasance

Review: Bobby & Amy at Pleasance Courtyard

When Emily Jenkins picked up her Fringe First award for this invigorating two-hander, she talked about the theatres that had turned the play down on the basis that, beautiful writing aside, the subject matter ...
Rhod Gilbert at Pleasance

Review: Rhod Gilbert – The Book of John at Pleasance

From two thirds of the way up the auditorium in the EICC I could have been watching any rumpled, skinny bloke running around to a Rhod Gilbert voiceover. I loathe watching comedy in a venue like this, especial...
Heroes at Udderbelly

Review: Heroes at Udderbelly

Aerial work and dance moves come together in a family show that takes a playful-but-wannabe-serious look at heroic fantasies - and the realities of being brave, and overcoming your fears. Beverley Grant (A...
Staged at ZOO Southside

Review: Staged at ZOO Southside

There are some very unexpected balancing acts in this show by Circumference – and not all of them happen on the wonderfully wayward slatted platform that’s suspended above the stage. When the three perform...
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