Stephen Fry in Mythos at Festival Theatre

Review: Stephen Fry – Mythos at the Festival Theatre

Perched on his winged armchair like a kindly Jackanory presenter, Stephen Fry asks: “when did it all start?” What he means, is when did we start telling stories? Always, of course, around the campfire, but onl...

Review: SAGA at Greenside

Saga is Michael Currell’s adaptation of August Strindberg’s influential 1901 A Dream Play. Strindberg’s original, written in a psychotic episode, explores faith, sanity, marriage, and class struggle in an expr...

Review: The Red, at Pleasance Dome

White or Red? Red. Marcus Brigstocke’s The Red brings to life a bittersweet drama about the road to recovery, based on his own personal experience. Benedict (played by Sam Alexander) returns to his famil...

Review: Marx in Soho at Riddles Court

The beauty of this production is in the intense, exhaustive physicality of Mary Myers. She is Karl Marx, two-hundred years after his birth, back from the dead to explain to contemporary Soho how the capitalist...

Review: The Populars at Summerhall

To be completely upfront: it's basically impossible to do The Populars justice in a small space. Perhaps the best way to describe it is as a journey. You enter the room in darkness, slow jazz playing and the p...
Baby Reindeer at Summerhall

Review: Baby Reindeer at Summerhall

Men are supposed to be invulnerable. When threatened, they're expected to deal with the source of the problem and shut it down. Things are not meant to get under their skin. Big boys don't cry. That's one o...

Review: Traumboy at Summerhall

Daniel Hellman has been a sex worker for nine years now. It started with a dating profile, a much older match followed by a sloppy blowjob and scrubbing in the shower. Or so he tells us. There is ambiguity in ...
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