Review: Casus - DNA - Assembly George Square Palais du Variete

The human body is incredible and none are more so than those of the nine members of the Casus ensemble. With both playfulness and sincerity, the artists perform unbelievable feats of strength in a celebration of the diverse stories that make us human. This show is to be watched with your heart in your mouth as the performers hang from trapezes, balance on chairs and dance around/ over/ on one another. DNA is Casus at their most eclectic: a spinning human chain transforms into a game of musical chairs; an acrobatic romance is shown only in shadows; a rope binds two performers together as they expertly tangle and twist themselves. Undoubtedly, Casus have a flair for the theatrical and each new set of stunts brings with it a new world, a new emotion to experience. 

The show has beautiful, tender moments, and funny ones, too – including one performer (deliberately) flailing about in a blue dress while suspended 3 metres above the stage, masterfully switching poses with perfect comic timing. While DNA never feels disjointed, it lacks the coherence of last year’s outing You and I with its heartfelt love story. The message of acceptance is still present in DNA however the focus now is on all people, all backgrounds. The control and grace on stage is spellbinding but feels a little purposeless without a clear guiding thread. DNA lacks the emotional impact to fully make its message heard but nevertheless, the masters of circus have delivered on spectacle triumphantly.

DNA is on at Assembly George Square Gardens – Palais du Variete, 3.15pm until the 25th (not the 19th)

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