Review: Ockham's Razor – This Time at Saint Stephens Theatre

What really takes your breath away in This Time aren’t the aerial manoevres, though the episodes on specially devised pieces of equipment are both imaginative and clearly accomplished. It’s what comes between the high-flying trapeze work that surprises you with its unvarnished self-awareness – namely the intensely personal monologues that peel back layers of privacy to reveal life-changing experiences, some lastingly painful.

This open sharing lends poignancy and grit to the mid-air prowess of the Ockham’s Razor cross-generational foursome: key artists Alex Harvey and Charlotte Mooney have recently turned forty, Faith Fahy is 13 and Lee Carter is 60 – a ‘family’ age range embracing different shades of physical and emotional strength. As a result, the reaching out of a supportive hand, the nestling together of limbs as a ropework cradle shifts and swings, becomes more than a display of acrobatic skills, it becomes a powerfully affecting metaphor for facing up to life itself. 

Ockham’s Razor: This Time, Saint Stephens Theatre, 14-25 Aug (not 20), 3pm

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