Review: Filament at Underbelly Circus Hub

Promising to fill the stage with a story magnified by circus skills, Filament uses 80s teen movies as the inspiration behind their show. The energetic troupe of eight characterise high school archetypes and joyfully weave acrobatic and aerial skills into their show. 

The show ebbs in and out of being cutesy and at times heartfelt with its characters heartbreaks, sexual awakenings and the trials and tribulations of growing up. Though inspired by 80s movies, the piece has a contemporary slant that sensitively explores and celebrates the diversity of love. They use a modern soundtrack which is somewhat questionable alongside the 80s teen theme, however, their skills are irrefutable.

Muted in speech, the troupe allow their routines to beguile the audience. One member gracefully projects his sadness onto a static trapeze, gleefully takes to a cyr wheel whilst another oscillates in rapture around a silk. The aerial routines are performed gorgeously  and grip a potentially flimsy storyline back into strength. 

Contortion moves, juggling, hula hooping, aerial hoop and handstands on blocks are performed against a glittering backdrop with exuberance. Jazzy hues of purple and gold lights shine against the performers as they spin at breathtaking speeds. Sparkling in tenderly sweet moments, Filament is a dazzling and pleasant piece! 

Filament is at Underbelly Circus Hub, until 24th Aug, 5pm

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