Review: Gravity and Other Myths: Backbone @ Underbelly Bristo Square

“Backbone” communicates through the language of the physical possibilities of our bodies as they rely on other bodies. The performers’ perfect techniques allow the audience to get lost in the movement of the swings and throws of the collective. Even the live musicians, instead of remaining in the background, actively take part in the flow of events through their performance.  Stones and earth, combined with the lighting, organize the dramaturgy of the piece. These objects take us to a kind of Rousseau primitive state, a prelapsarian moment where even malice is innocent.

The word “backbone” has two meanings. It is a part of the body which has to be both strong and flexible, it is also the person who holds together any venture. Playful and fresh, the ten performers show different ways of being part of a group. The somersaults, the handstands, the human towers and other tricks evoke the oscillatory tension between support and being carried as well as between being an individual and a whole. With their bodies, they perform things that few could achieve, but that represent interior states, our ups and downs and our sensations when living with others.

About The Author

Veronica Cohen

Veronica Cohen is a performance artist based in Edinburgh. P.H.d. candidate at History and Theory of Arts, Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina in co-tutelle with Centre d ́Etudes des Arts Contemporains, University of Lille, France. Her thesis is about the body`s experience of dance, especially in buto dance and two contemporary dance groups. Specialist in Combined Artistic Languages at the National University of Arts, Argentina. She has studied Communication Science at Universidad de Buenos Aires, achieving both the bachelor and teacher degree. She is trained in different artistic languages especially butoh dance. She has co-created, with Florencia Carrizo, Notaciones Abisales, a web of translation of texts about the philosophical problem of the body from different authors, both from Portuguese and English.

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