Review: Rouge at Underbelly Circus Hub

‘Rouge’ is circus for grown-ups. Not only is it super sultry and laden in gorgeous acrobatic and aerial choreography, but it’s also a sexy, slick celebration and empowering spectacle.

Boasting an eclectic group of performers, ‘Mama Rouge’ aka Issie Hart acts as M.C. and enthrals the audience with her opera singing. The operatic grandeur is contrasted with the cheeky nature of the performers, ultimately making Rouge the juicy, red cherry on top of your evening. 

Exuding passion, the performers exhibit a display of flawless circus skills. Not one moment is lacklustre, each iridescent with brilliance. Particular highlights are the acrobatic duets that appear to defy the laws of balance and the delicious acts on the static trapeze and Cyr wheel. Two performers enchantingly spiral around the Cyr wheel creating images that intimately draw the audience in as though peering into a wind-up jewellery box. Sensual hula hooping, lampshade headed dancers and fire are all thrust into this alluring mix. 

The strength, momentum and joy of each performer is truly stunning to watch. Rouge has come to Edinburgh to paint the town a raunchy red! 

Rouge is at Underbelly’s Circus Hub on the Meadows – The Beauty at 6pm and 9.50 pm until the 24th (not the 21st)

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