Review: Super Sunday at Underbelly's Circus Hub on the Meadows

Plodding onto the stage on homemade horses, Race Horse Company ladle out to the audience a taste of the unexpected. Their offbeat and perfectly peculiar show Super Sunday is a creative, silly, little rough circus diamond.

The set, which resembles a gymnasium, is deliberately tarnished. The company of five look somewhat like shoddy backpacker; they definitely don’t fit the typical circus look. These circus scallywags excel at not taking themselves seriously and are heroes of replacing slick with wacky in a charmingly dishevelled way.

The six acrobats keep perfectly in character and much of the hilarity and heart of the show comes from this. Their infectious, impish energy indicates to the audience that their show was fun to devise and perform. Not just giggle merchants; they are skilled gymnasts and extraordinarily great back flippers, trampoline jumpers and stuntmen. They catapult into the air at ridiculous heights, spiral around a wheel of death and physically flip traditional circus on its head.

They present to the world a show brimming with circus merriment and fun stunts. Super Sunday does not intend to always be aesthetically stunning but the ensemble’s sense of play really is beautiful.

Super Sunday, Underbelly Circus Hub on the Meadows, until 24th August (not 19), 9pm

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