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Review: Andrew Maxwell – All Talk at Underbelly

Review: Andrew Maxwell - All Talk at Underbelly

In his landmark twenty-fifth year of the Fringe, Andrew Maxwell provides an entertaining hour of topical humour without ever really getting out of third gear.

Brexit is All Talk’s centrepiece with several passionate and heartfelt opinions which the comedian doesn’t hold back on. Taking a swipe at those that voted in favour of Brexit, there’s an understandable frustration from the Irishman about the situation and uncertainty that comes with it; something his home country has been faced with over the past three years. 

The room resembled the Houses of Parliament at several points in the show, with one or two clearly irked hardcore Brexit fans mumbling at the back of the room in response to his verbal darts. In a room of 300 though, this was bound to be the case as Maxwell himself asserted when acknowledging his stance wasn’t going to be universally accepted.

With this show being heavily sauced in Brexit chat, if you’re looking to switch off from the current political car crash with a bit of escapism in your Fringe shows, this won’t transport you to another dimension or alleviate any trepidation, so bear that in mind if you’re weighing it up.

All Talk’s take-away message was the importance of having a voice and opinion, which Andrew Maxwell has in spades. Whilst structurally it was a bit loose at times, there’s no denying his skill at holding an audience with his natural approach to comedy he’s crafted over the last twenty-five years.

Andrew Maxwell, All Talk, Udderbelly at The Underbelly, until 25 Aug, 7:40 pm