The foxiest performer on the Fringe explains why he won’t be giving Edinburgh the brush-off this summer


Mr Brush, you’ve had such a long and distinguished career. Why have you chosen this year to make your Edinburgh debut?

Well, why not? Although I am a terribly English, urbane, well-spoken fox, I actually have some Braveheart in me somewhere – or is that Love Hearts, when I run out of jelly babies? I am a natural ginger, so actually shouting ‘FREEEEDOOOOOM’ comes very naturally to me when shopping in the Edinburgh Woollen Mill in Windsor whilst doing panto. I think I will fit in very well. I should trace my ancestry  – in fact, I should be on that programme, what’s it called?
‘Ooh Get Him, Who Does He Think He Is?’– something like that.
I think I may be related to Nessie, because if I lived in a freezing cold loch I’d get the hump too. HA! HA! BOOM! BOOM! I don’t like the cold…

One of your shows is ‘adult’. What can we expect from that? Politics? Brexit even?

It’s not totally political and not totally adult, this new show. It’s about everything really that’s fun. As for Brexit,
it depends who I’m speaking to.
I swing both ways, you know. I don’t know if
I prefer it hard or soft, in or out, I am more on the shake-it- all-about side. In fact, maybe the Hokey Cokey IS what it’s all about! I would prefer Foxit actually, because they have FOXED up the whole process really. So that’s about as adult as it gets!
I prefer to think of it as a grown-up children’s show for those who watched me on CBBC and are now in their twenties and those from the seventies now in their…well, if they’re still here, even. We’ll have defibrillators on standby if necessary! I have my family show as well if people are of a nervous disposition.

So no added ‘BOOM BOOM’ in the evenings?

People keep thinking it’s an adult show, which sounds like it might be coloured blue or 50 shades of orange. It is really a show for grown-up children who still want to have fun and have jokes that fly miles above the heads of kids. There will be plenty of BOOM BOOMS, audience participation and lots of “inyourendo” …. or is that innuendo? Anyway, it will be fun. There will be celebrity interviews and, of course, in the afternoon I have my family fun show as well. Hopefully, all generations will enjoy a bit of the Brush at some point in the day.

Edinburgh is all about interaction. Are you looking forward to getting up close and personal with your fans ?

It will be thrilling for them, I know. I know folks
like to get up close and personal  but we must
be careful these days for litigation purposes,
so hands above heads please. But I’ll do a selfie with anyone, except when filming in HD. No one wants to see a nip and a tuck, although if they think I have had a face-lift they are talking out of their BOTOX!! Ha! Ha! BOOM BOOM!

A run at the Edinburgh Fringe is notoriously tough. How are you going to keep up in the land of the deep-fried Mars Bar and heavy drinking?

Food-wise, deep-fried Mars Bars and heavy drinking sound Michelin five-star to me after the bin binges we foxes go on. A three-day left-over vindaloo and a couple of dirty chips garnished with potato peelings will keep me performing at the top of my game!

You are famously a hugely chatty fox. Do you know any Scottish vernacular for the home audiences?

I’d like to think I’m bilingual. “Take me up the Trossachs” is a phrase I use quite a bit. When I ask,“can I have a wee dram?” I don’t mean ‘wee wee,’ I mean small. You see, I know what I’m talking aboot! Most people say I blether a lot. I speak nonsense, which is true. I love a clootie dumpling, I can’t wait til I get my paws on those. I stir my porridge with a spurtle, and if you don’t laugh at my jokes I will hit you over the head with it. “Your bum’s oot the windae” is nothing to do with George Formby cleaning windows; actually it means you’ve made a mistake, so I’m sure I’ll be using that a lot!
I hope I don’t upset any locals by saying something wrong – I’ll apologise now for anything I say!

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