Review: Cally Beaton: Invisible

Calm, confident and a little crass: Cally Beaton’s contrasting demeanour is evident from the moment she walks on stage, greets the audience with a polite introduction and then proceeds to joke candidly about sex and the menopause. Her contradictory personality also transfers into her hour-long set which ebbs and flows between comedic and sincere.

A vivid storyteller, Beaton is able to envelop the audience in her tales with her use of imagery and emotions- much like the blizzard she recounts becoming lost in during a pivotal trip to Iceland. This is what makes her so interesting and engaging to listen to and creates several very affecting moments that make what is supposed to be a stand-up comedy show feel more like a live episode of a podcast.

However, these tonal changes, while executed well and effectively, felt out of place in what was supposed to be a stand-up comedy show. While her talent as a raconteur is palpable and commendable, the frequent tonal changes that take place create a space where some of Beaton’s jokes are unfortunately unable to land- at least comfortably and fully.

Despite this, it must be said that many of her jokes and gags are greeted with bouts of hearty laughter by the audience. Even the jokes that are less successful have the makings of a great joke- if only they weren’t so out of place within her show. Hopefully, Beaton finds where they belong and elevates her already good show to a potentially great one.

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